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推劇 Tuiju (Tui opera)

所屬名錄: 第一批安徽省省級名錄

編號: IV-5

申報地區或單位: 淮南市鳳臺縣、阜陽市潁上縣

Inscribed list: Anhui Provincial ICH List 

Inventory no.: IV-5

Nominating unit(s): Huainan City, Fengtai County; Fuyang City, Yingshan County

Tui opera (Tuiju) evolved from the flower-drum operetta in Anhui Province in the 1930s.  This dramatic form declined in the 1980s. Its original name is Siju tuizi (four-sentence tuizi). It originated from Huaihe River basin, formed in Fengtai county, Huainan City.  The Tui opera took in folk songs, local traditional opera, folk art forms including ballad singing, storytelling, comic dialogus, clapper talks cross talks, and other genres.  

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