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The fourth batch of The National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, released by the Ministry of Culture on 16 July 2014, included 153 items.


The items are organized into the following categories:


1.   Folk Literature  民間文學

2.   Traditional Music  民間音樂

3.   Traditional Dance 民間舞蹈

4.   Traditional Opera/Theater/Drama 傳統戲劇

5.   Narrative/Storytelling Traditions 曲藝

6.   Traditional Sports, Recreational Activities and Acrobatics 雜技與競技

7.   Traditional Arts 民間美術

8.   Traditional Handicraft Skills 傳統手工技藝

9.   Traditional Medicine 傳統醫藥

10.   Folk Customs 民俗



Official notice of the Fourth National List of ICH  (

1. Folk literature
1. Folk Literature  民間文學
  (total 30 items  共計30項)
China National list of ICH Fourth Batch (I. Traditional Literature).pdf

National List of ICH- Fourth Batch

國家級非物質文化遺產名錄- 第四

2. Traditional Music
4. Traditional Opera/Theater/Drama 傳統戲劇
  (total 4 items  共計4項)
2. Traditional Music  民間音樂
  (total 15 items  共計15項)
China National list of ICH Fourth Batch (II. Traditional Music).pdf
3. Traditional Dance 民間舞蹈
  (total 20 items  共計20項)
China National list of ICH Fourth Batch (III. Traditional Dance).pdf
3. Traditional Dance
4. Traditional operas
5. Folk musical theater
5. Narrative/Storytelling Traditions 曲藝
  (total 13 items  共計13項)
6. Traditional Sports, Recreational Activities and Acrobatics 雜技與競技
  (total 12 items  共計12項)
6. Traditional sports
7. Traditional Arts 民間美術
  (total 13 items  共計13項)
7. Traditional art
8. Traditional Handicraft Skills 傳統手工技藝
  (total 29 items  共計29項)
8. Traditional skills
9. Traditional Medicine 傳統醫藥
  (total 2 items  共計2項)
9. Traditional medicine
10. Folk Customs 民俗
  (total 15 items  共計15項)
10. Folk customs
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